Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The college myth

After reading the above story, I had to really shake my head. Growing up, I was told that I needed to get good grades and go to college so that I could get a good job. Funny thing is, my father never even graduated high school, and he managed to raise not one, but THREE families in his lifetime. Sure, the job he did was back breaking work, but he made enough money to keep a roof over my head (along with my mother and two brothers) and put food on the table every night. My brothers followed in his footsteps career wise, and they both now own a home, several cars, and are completely debt free. (no families as of yet, though)

As for me, I attended college myself, but never graduated. I can't really say it was a wasted education, because NO learning is a waste, but as it turned out, I managed to secure myself good paying jobs simply by networking through friends and family. Even if I HAD graduated, chances are I wouldn't have done a whole lot better for myself then what I've accomplished up to now. Barring some less then optimal life choices, I probably would be just as financially well off today as my siblings. But, that's another story...

Now, I'll grant you that if I had chosen a career field such as chemical engineering, or pharmacist, I DEFINITELY would have benefited from a college degree, as these graduates are in heavy demand. But, unless you plan on specializing in one of these high demand careers, or are going into an executive position, it would appear that having a college education isn't exactly mandatory.

A good network, and street smarts can serve you just as well.

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