Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Branding yourself to help get a job

In an age where hundreds of people are applying for every single decent new job opening, companies are using information they gather from social media sites more then ever to aid in their applicant selection process. What if you could USE that to your advantage? Sure, a computer program can be used to ferret out resumes that display the proper 'keywords', or to weed out those with too many spelling or grammatical errors. But, a HUMAN has to investigate your Facebook page and read your Tweets. With a little advice and effort, you can make your social media presence SHINE, and effectively create your own personal BRAND.

While your friends are posting Saturday afternoon pool party pictures, you can spruce up your profile and present images of yourself being presented with awards and accolades. When your buddies Tweet about their last hot date, you can engage in polite and informed conversations on professional topics with like minded people already in the workforce. Whether it be Google+, Linkedin, Blogger, or a myriad of other social media sites, creating a professional, intelligent presence for yourself will put you WAY ahead of the competition when it comes time to compete for a new job.

And, the BEST reason to brand yourself online? Because those who are competing with you for that next job are already DOING IT!

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