Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We're missing the point...

Yes, private tech companies DID NOT invent the internet! Nor did they invent the protocols that allow the internet to function the way it does. Yes, the Federal government built a good portion of our highway system that allows for the transportation of goods from port cities to the rest of America. And YES, local municipalities built the water and sewer systems (as well as the access roads) that allows businesses to function and people to get to them.

But, guess what?

We PAID for all that infrastructure, with our tax dollars. It's not like it was just given to us out of the goodness of government philanthropy. So, when our President gets up before an audience and announces to small business owners, "...You didn't build that.", he's technically right. BUT, what was IMPLIED by that statement was that, somehow, the private sector owes something BACK to the community for the use of these infrastructures, even though they financed (and continue to finance) it! Small business owners pay municipal taxes, just like everyone else in the community. Beyond that, they collect sales taxes that go straight towards city and state coffers.

Small businesses owe NOTHING for the use of municipal infrastructures, nor do they own anyone for the use of the internet. And they DID build their businesses, through hard work during long hours while sacrificing time away from family and leisure.

Sorry, Mr. President, but you were just plain wrong on this one....

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