Thursday, April 12, 2012

Not just another unemployment data release..

Wow, was I ever SHOCKED to come home from work this morning, and check the latest pre-market news coming out of Wall Street.

SHOCKED, I tell you!

Well, not really, actually.... In chatting with others on the subject last week, it was the general consensus that the number put out for 2 weeks ago on initial jobless claims would be revised upwards. And, lo and behold, we got that revision today, along with another bad report for LAST week. (how much you want to bet THAT number gets revised upwards as well?)

Meanwhile, some analysts over at seem to think the economy will STAY sluggish for some time to come, which will definitely NOT help the employment picture.

And through all this, I hear tell that companies ARE hiring, but some are having a hard time finding enough qualified workers. Putting people back to work is going to be a lot harder during this recovery then it has been in the past, due to so many of them being LONG TERM unemployed. (out of the workforce 12-18 months, or longer) Work habits have become stale, and job skills may be out of date, according to some reported reasons why companies are wary of hiring those who have been out of the labor market for this long.

Ironically, it might actually be EASIER for newly graduated college students to get some of these high skilled jobs then it has been in the past. Their skill sets are fresher, they are usually more eager and energetic, and MUCH more in tune with the modern high tech world we live in now. But, for the most part, businesses still would prefer job experience over schoolbook learning when looking at a hiring candidate.

And so, the unemployment rate continues to stay uncharacteristically high.

The rules have changed, where it comes to finding a job in today's employment market. Maybe you need to change the way you look for a job. Want to know more?

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