Friday, March 30, 2012

The job marketplace as a warzone, part 2

When you don't have a daily routine to follow, it's VERY easy to fall into bad habits. What do I mean by that, and what does it have to do with your success or failure in finding a job?


In the field of battle, the side without definitive goals (and the plans to achieve those goals) gets bogged down and becomes disorganized. When they fail to achieve any objectives, the troops become demoralized and disheartened. This only serves to make matters worse. It's a recipe for defeat.

Likewise, you were probably once on a regimented schedule, where you got up at 7:00am, hit the showers, and got out on the road in time to get to your workplace by 8:00am. However, now that you're unemployed, you MIGHT find it a little more difficult to drag yourself out of bed before 9:30am. Then, of course, once you ARE awake and go wandering around the kitchen looking for a cup of coffee and something to eat, it might be some time around noon before you even contemplate getting down to business and looking for work.

BIG mistake... HUGE! (50 extra points if you can tell me what movie that came from)

Once again, looking for a job today needs to BE a full time job, or you are setting yourself up for failure. You need to set your alarm as if you're still on someone else's clock. You need to be out of bed, and on the phone or the computer bright and early. You need to be networking, and using those contacts that you have available to you to look for employment opportunities. Or, you need to be making NEW contacts. Search those listings, make phone inquires, set up those interviews, and THEN hit the pavement!

The bottom line? Just because you're out of a job, doesn't mean you can stop working.

No one said it would be easy though. If you're finding it tough to get (and stay) motivated to look for work, let us help you with some of the heavy lifting.

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